Our Process

Direct Communication

We meet with you in person and narrow down the most important ideas which will help you engage with your targeted audience

We build a vertical slice to demonstrate the core mechanic and help each department on your team realign with the vision

Weekly Check-Ins

After carefully balancing all the financial and pipeline efficiency aspects, we layout a highly optimized production plan

We setup milestones for each phase of the project to produce predictable and measurable results

Ongoing Discovery

We apply and re-apply what we have learnt with you to make your project better and better

We make sure you get the best result you and your team deserve because we aim to build long-lasting relationship with you

Here's what we offer you

We celebrate our crafts

We are a tribe of talented artists and developers using digital media to summon our client’s vision into reality. Combining art and technology, we bring the best of both worlds onto the table.

We Pursue Excellence

Our developers have worn many hats including Game Developer / Tech Support / Researcher / Magic-Maker. They are eager to do whatever tech-y tasks are necessary to make cool stuff!

We Practice Honesty

We only give all we got to projects that are BEST FIT with our skill-sets because we value your time

We Create Fun

Our artists have contributed to projects such as Microsoft's "Halo"​, "Crackdown 3"​, Applibot's "Legend of the Cryptids"​, among many others. They are aimed and ready to help making your project look even better


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We are here to make your next project a great success

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