Project Details

Project Details

• Monster Yume on Oculus Rift

A Virtual Reality game made in Unity that combines the use of Microsoft’s Kinect and in-engine IK for in-game character movement, as well as the Oculus Rift for presence – all to provide an intuitive immersive environment.

• Buddy on HTC VIVE

Buddy is a cute corgi dog who easily get distracted. Player needs to keep the dog occupied while making sure the BBQ isn't on fire.

• Angry Fridge on Samsung Gear VR

Our fridge goes berserk! Calm it down before it's too late... A Gear VR game where you're playing as a fridge technician "fixing" a fridge. What that means is that it drops sentient food that makes a beeline for you and you throw it back at it the fridge - until one of you gets poisoned by the bad food or fixed with the good food. Or you can just throw the food around in the room. Whatever! 😛


3D character modeling, UI design, Level design, Game development for various VR headsets, testing and optimization