The Dream Room is a full room interactive installation where a person can look through a catalogue of furniture pieces and add them to a rearrangeable 3D room, all rendered in real time. Furniture can be rotated, zoomed, and inspected in the holographic display in the middle of the room. It can then be placed and moved in the virtual room displayed on all four walls. We had the pleasure to build the application for both the holographic display and the walls, and helping build the controller application on an iPad, all in Unity. We helped coordinate the programmers and artists on the project, ensuring that all the features and assets were implemented. We was also in charge of installing and calibrating the hardware in the physical room.


Players use an iPod Touch for their controller.
It has two buttons for their flippers and one to launch the ball.
The controllers also show the player’s score, and play personalized sounds according to what happens in the game.


Made in one month for CES in Vegas.
The player shakes an iPod touch to emulate shaking dice.


The final stage of a tutorial for building a game for the Holus in Unity

Took the existing template (in Unity) for rendering to the Holus and polished it into a more user-friendly prefab. Ported this setup into Unreal Engine 4. Created some realtime editor tools for easily modifying the rendering cameras and visualizing what would be visible in the Holus pyramid. Compiled all our templates and tools in Unity into an SDK package.

Project Details

Project Details

• Our lead developer created interactive games and applications for H Plus' holographic display device

• Lead development in business-to-business interactive installations where we generally have a scaled up version of the holographic device working in conjunction with a full-room wall projection

• Create and maintain an SDK for interfacing with the device in Unity


Interactive installations, projection and display, game prototyping, create and maintain SDK in Unity