A Lonely Light

A RPG game prototype made for Global Game Jame 2018 submission

Link to articleon Global Game Jam 2018


A little robot was lost on the bottom of the ocean. Surrounded by darkness and dangerous mechanical creatures, he needs to send out a transmission signal to communicate with mysterious technology and find the source of the distress call 


Modelling with Blender, Graphic with Photoshop

Made with Unity

Attract a school of fish to follow you


Activate the entrance with five fish you collected



Theme for Global Game Jam 2018: Transmission
Robot concept art by Matt Dixon



Developing this game is smooth, but baking light take a long time. We had to wait for a long-time and walk around and try other people's game to keep ourself occupied


For future projects, we would include time for baking the light in our production schedule ahead of time


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