A chill music game made for the 2018 Music Game Jam

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You and your baby birds were separated during a horrifying storm. Find the missing 3 birds and stay united with your family.

Technology & Achievement

Modelling with Blender, Graphic with Photoshop

Made in Unity

Rank #7 for Visuals



Multiple music tracks layer on top of each other in a state of trance. Sounds like a flock of bird flapping their wings in great synchronization


We had too many features from the start, even include a mirrored level under water which the bird will turns into a mermaid and solve puzzles. We quickly realized we can't finish all of them within 2 weeks. We dropped the underwater scene and only focused on the core mechanic - flying


For future projects, we will scope down extra features from the very beginning and don't waste time deciding which features is more important during the production phase


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