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DOOMWOOD DO is the headquarter to a range of interactive design tutorials and free resources to get you inspired when entering the playground of digital media!

Thanks so much for taking the time to browse our content here on DOOMWOOD DO. I hope you’ve found some interesting stuff so far? My aim is to help you create cool stuff by sharing tips, inspiration and resources to fuel your creative passion. Let me show you around and explain what you can expect to find in my own little corner of the web.

I post three main types of content: Tutorials to show you how to create awesome designs; Free resources to use in your own artwork; and Articles to share theory and inspiration from various creative genres. Every week you’ll find a new post that falls into one of these categories, alongside periodic updates letting you know about cool deals and site news.

Art & Game Project Tutorials

Tutorials are the main type of content people love seeing from me (I hope!). I post how-to guides for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (sometimes other programs too) that show you how to create cool designs, styles and effects. Many of the tutorials I produce are based on my own line of interests, so you’ll find plenty of retro and vintage designs and abstract artwork. Here’s a couple of my all time favourites:

Free Resources

High quality resources are usually well hidden under paid adds on Google unless you know how to access them directly; just like following a secret map leading to a treasure vault. We are here to share with you lists of great free online resources to boost your design productivity. Check out these posts focusing on free resources for different softwares. We occasionaly release handy resources for free; sign up to our newsletter so you will be the first one claiming our treats 😛

Articles & Inspiration

We all need a little inspiration every now and again. I’m no exception, which is why I love browsing the web for awesome designs and artwork, then sharing what I find in the form of showcases and roundups. If you’re suffering from designer’s block, maybe some of these posts will help drum up some ideas. If not, there’s plenty more topics to explore in the archives.

In today’s digital world, we believe all businesses, big or small, need great content to connect with their audience.

There was something alluring about being involved in something where the sole purpose was to create an experience, an emotional journey for people. And then, to have nothing but memories left afterward to hold on to.

Tony Hsieh
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DOOMWOOD is focused on using digital media to create a meaningful experience through visual storytelling. That’s why we put together the DOOMWOOD DO chanel to initiate a conversation with you, listen carefully to your feedbacks and learn about how can we provide the best service for your needs.